You But Better

Meet the Billionaire Who Is Cheating Death

September 26, 2023 Alex Baia, Joseph Dailey Season 1 Episode 41
You But Better
Meet the Billionaire Who Is Cheating Death
Show Notes

Peri Wrinkle is the world’s #1 self-made billionaire turned biohacker and anti-aging expert.

Peri is the author of the instant New York Times bestseller, Ageless Alchemy: How to Reverse Aging and Biohack Your Way to Immortality.

He has racked up millions of followers on his Instagram and YouTube channels where he shares tips on everything from how to make the perfect green smoothie to how to bathe your genitals in infrared sauna light to stay young.

In this incredible Inner Views episode, Seph and Lex sit down with Peri and learn his extreme anti-aging strategies. 

Peri is a man who will stop at nothing to cheat death! And we really admire that!

If you are a BetterYou who prefers to not die, this episode is for you.

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