You But Better

Infinite Minimalism

February 07, 2023 Alex Baia, Joseph Dailey Season 1 Episode 11
You But Better
Infinite Minimalism
Show Notes

This is the episode that Lex and Seph have been working toward their entire career.

You But Better is infinitely proud to present "Infinite Minimalism," the deepest and most profound statement on minimalism that has ever been recorded by any member of humanity.

Listen and let this episode transport your mind to a new plane of existence.

WARNING: Seph and Lex consider this episode to be their philosophical masterwork par excellence.

Are you ready to start your EPIC minimalism journey? Buckle up, Better Yous, because Infinite Minimalism begins now.

FOLLOW ALONG... and become self-actualized!

You But Better is created and performed by Alex Baia and Joseph Dailey

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