You But Better

Courtney Kocak: Comedy Writer and Sex Podcaster Gone Wild

January 24, 2023 Alex Baia, Joseph Dailey Season 1 Episode 9
You But Better
Courtney Kocak: Comedy Writer and Sex Podcaster Gone Wild
Show Notes

Courtney Kocak is a TV comedy writer, podcaster, and podcast producer.

She has written for Amazon's Emmy-winning animated series Danger & Eggs (voiced by SNL’s Aidy Bryant) and Netflix’s Know It All, among others.

She created and hosts Private Parts Unknown, a comedy-sex-travel podcast with millions of downloads that explores love & sexuality around the world.

She has also served as a producer for The Bellas Podcast (a #1 Apple Podcast), PayPal's Never Stand Still, and Girlboss Radio.

Seph and Lex get into the creative weeds with Courtney and explore some fascinating questions:

- How can a Better You like Courtney manage so many creative projects at once?

- What was it like to sell t-shirts on the infamous Girls Gone Wild tour?

- Is it possible to become TOO good at sex, and you become intimidating and unrelatable? 

- If you want to start a podcast, what is the #1 biggest mistake you can make that will immediately make you look like a TOTAL IDIOT?

Listen and be inspired by the multi-interesting, multi-hyphenate, tea-drinking media powerhouse, Courtney Kocak. 

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