You But Better

The Better Better You New Year’s Challenge

January 10, 2023 Alex Baia, Joseph Dailey Season 1 Episode 7
You But Better
The Better Better You New Year’s Challenge
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Seph and Lex unleash the 2023 New Year's Challenge! The goal: To turn all Better Yous into *Better* Better Yous.

To make The Challenge even better, Seph and Lex have invited the world's top entrepreneurs and influencers to contribute their own unique, mind-expanding new year's resolutions.

There's no way you'll listen to this episode and not have the best new year of your life!

Featuring special guests...

Ethan Russell Galis as Bedford Eulis Bodinkle - @handsoftrust
Britt Migs as Tyler Brodington - @brittmigs
Misha Molani as Amaranthe Starflower, M.D. - @mimolani
Dan Toomey as Kevin Durant - @dhtoomey
Alison P. Tugwell as herself - @alisonperrie
Michael Urie as Mike Rea - @michaelurielikesit

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You But Better is created and performed by Alex Baia and Joseph Dailey

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Alison Tugwell
Mike Rea
Amaranthe Starflower
Gratitude Deathmatch
Tyler Brodington
Bedford Eulis Bodinkle
Kevin Durant